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Posted: August 3, 2019 by Rachael

Allow me to introduce you to Jarvis! If you are a Marvel fan the name Jarvis probably needs no explanation. If you are not a Marvel fan (not possible for me with 6 boys in the house) let me explain how we chose his name. In the movie Iron Man, Tony Stark aka Iron Man names his artificial intelligent butler after his father’s former real life butler, Edwin Jarvis. JARVIS is an acronym for Just A Rather Very Intelligent System. Ok bear with me, I am about to get real “Marvely” for all of you non-Marvel people. Iron Man has this electromagnet thingy in his chest called an Arc Reactor. (It’s a long story) The Arc Reactor has two main functions. One, it powers Iron Man’s suits. Two, it keeps Tony Stark alive by preventing shrapnel/fragments from entering his heart. (Again, long story) My boys with diabetes LOVE Iron Man and like Tony Stark, they wear multiple devices that “power” them and truly keep them alive. Jarvis’ job is to assist Tony in every part of his life. That is exactly what our Black Labrador version of Jarvis will do for our kids with diabetes.

Jarvis was handpicked by his trainer (Lily Grace) to be our diabetic alert dog. He along with two of his brothers Theo and Otis are being trained to be a diabetic alert dog and a mobility assistance dog, respectively. Lily Grace has been training DADS (diabetic alert dogs) for many years and takes into consideration each unique family situation before deciding what quality she is looking for in a particular dog. She describes Jarvis as “A busy puppy, perfect for a busy family. He is a natural leader with a lot of energy. He is into everybody’s business and looks for things to get into. His nose is non-stop.” Lily Grace is confident these are all great qualities for a diabetic alert dog that will be working for three people with diabetes. A lot of energy will be required in order to keep up with two active boys and going back and forth between bedrooms on two different levels of the house at night. A DAD needs to be in everybody’s business when he smells a high or low blood sugar because it is urgent and needs attention. And last but not least and probably most important a DAD needs a nose that never stops. A DAD detects blood sugar levels through smell so a good nose is essential. (Click here to read more about how a dog detects blood sugar by smell)

Jarvis getting a manicure/pedicure with his trainer.
9 weeks old. 12.5 pounds

Jarvis has completed one week of training with Lily Grace and has also had a thorough check up with a veterinarian. He is currently 9 weeks old and weighs 12.5 pounds. Lily Grace will continue to send updates as well as videos of Jarvis and his brothers as they progress in their training. If you would like to follow their progress you can “like” Lily Grace Service Dogs on Facebook. Jarvis is the puppy wearing the red collar. Or of course check back here for regular updates as well. If you would like to help us with the cost of Jarvis’ training and eventual move to our home click here. We are so grateful for everyone that has donated so generously. There is no way we would be able to afford a service dog without your help. Thank you!

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